We are now officially almost two weeks into 2017 and it seems like we are all either back at our jobs and/ at school. I have just recently arrived back at school but we will not begin classes until next Tuesday. So, what am I doing in the meantime? I’m here to work and do some sorority recruitment. Neither of which is the most fun thing to do, but it is an easy and generally pleasant way to spend my time.

I have been back a total of 2 days and I’ve already realized how much I will come to hate getting up early. I have no idea how I will be fitting in all these long runs during the school year. But now it is upon me and I can’t let the cold or the long days deter me from the runs. Otherwise I can’t see myself finishing any of the races I have lined up for this semester, AND I was just asked by my friend and her dad to do the MCM 100 on April 29th. So, if I decide to do it, my pattern of running will look like this: Feb. 26th– Lake Effect Half Marathon, March 26th– Syracuse Half Marathon, April 29th– MCM 100. That is an insane amount of running for someone who decided to get into this sport seriously just a few months ago.

To that idea I would say I’m seriously nervous. I question myself all the time, especially when friends tell me that they could never do it, or that it takes so much time, or that they ate food instead. All I can think of is this: Why not come do it with me and we can struggle together and then eat everything in sight?

But I’m happy a few of my sisters have signed up to run one or the other half marathon with me. It’s something to do and I’m hoping to get long runs on the weekend planned so that we can run as a group. I would love to have someone even if it just forces me to go to the gym. I had that with my mother but I am finding that now as I am back at school that it’s hard to convince myself that running is worth it when I just want to sleep.

Here’s to those runners and dreamers who sign up for a little more than they should. Here’s to getting up early and working out, or staying up late to get your homework done because you went running after class. This isn’t easy but it’s a hell of lot better than where I was 3 years ago. Despite the doubts, we’re going to do it, and we’re going to kick ass.

45 Days Until Half Marathon Number 2