Like many people all over the world, I am looking to get started and make some progress on a New Year’s Resolution. That’s if I haven’t already broken it. My 2017 goals are simple, do well in university, and run a marathon. Easy right?

While I had been off and on running since I left high school in 2014. I started my official training journey May of 2016, and started small with 3 5Ks. Keep in mind I had no idea that I would ever even want to run a Marathon. Some of my college friends had run some, but It had never crossed my mind as something to do. Then this past October I ran my first half (Empire State Half Marathon), and I might have accidentally signed up for 2 more this spring semester. Oops. I’m looking forward to them though, both will be in the city of Syracuse which would be otherwise hard to leave, especially in the middle of my hectic semesters. The first will be the Lake Effect Half Marathon on February 26th, 2017 in Liverpool, NY. The second, which will occur just a month later, is the Syracuse Half Marathon on March 26th, 2017. I’m looking forward to running them because it puts me one step closer to both my weight goals and my marathon completion goal.

Speaking of goals, the reason it felt best to start today with my keeping track of my racing goals in a more centralized location, is because my family is starting a weight loss challenge for the first 10 weeks of 2017. While many runners find that just by eating right and working out in the right way, that they will lose weight. I’m looking to lose weight for myself, and run a marathon for myself. So maybe having a blog will keep me accountable. The High School version of Emily scoffed at the very idea of wanting to run for fun, running sucked. But running has become my challenge. I have a start and a finish line. I have goals. Plus, it’s a good excuse to not do my homework.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017!